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                        Sole cleaning machine Made in china

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                        • 發布日期:2020/06/16
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                        【Product Name】: Sole cleaning machine

                        使用前 使用后底清潔機、全自動鞋底清潔機。

                        【產品價值】提升車間地面清潔度、車間環境清潔度;提升生產工藝條件,提高產品品質,提升車間形象!再也不各種鞋套及粘塵地墊了。因為,鞋套會踩爛,踩爛了之后就會失去保護做用日 粘塵地墊用久了反而會積累臟物,就象一個垃圾堆一樣,而且鞋套及粘塵地板膠使用后一點也不環保;從而,也大大減少對人工清潔的投入!

                        【Product Value】Increase floor cleanliness of the workshop and cleanliness of the workshop environment; enhance production process conditions, improve product quality, and enhance workshop image! No more shoe covers and sticky mats. Because the shoe covers will slam, they will lose their protection after being smashed. Using a clay mat for a long time will accumulate dirt, like a garbage dump, and the shoe covers and sticky floor glue will be used a little later. It is also not environmentally friendly; therefore, it also greatly reduces the investment in manual cleaning!


                        【Installation site】 clean room, purification laboratory entrance; air purification air shower room, air shower room before (after); applicable to all types of electronics, semiconductors, circuit boards, food, medical, high-end office space, stadiums, etc. industry. Raise the cleanliness of the workshop and all kinds of places, first of all reject the soles of dirt on the soles outside the venue!


                        踏機器吸水區上配有的強力吸水棉,對剛剛洗凈過程中鞋底可能的 仗用曲后韓底臟污情潔果對比圖殘留之水漬進行強力吸干。

                        【Usage】 The workshop staff only need to wear the work shoes as usual, step into and step on the machine's cleaning belt (hair roller), automatically pass the sensing body and start the machine, the shoe cleaning brush on the sole cleaning machine The brush (hair roller) runs clean under the soles of the shoe, scrubs dirt on the sole of the shoe, such as dust/mud, etc. The cleaning time is about 3 to 5 seconds. Then it steps into and steps on

                        The absorbent cotton on the suction area of the treadmill can strongly absorb the residual water stains on the bottom of the shoe during the cleaning process.



                        【Usage results】 Since then, the soles have been clean and clean, which greatly reduces the various dirt and shoe marks left on the ground due to the stampede of the soles of the shoes. This ensures that the bottom of the soles is cleaned and sucked dryly; this does not affect the efficiency of the workshop staff. Cut off and control the important pollutants in the work area such as the dust-free workshop from the source to enter the workshop; Practice has proved that AiDEBOM sole cleaning machine can completely improve the cleanliness of the entire workshop and various types of places, or make the work area Ground reduces more than 80% of all kinds of dirty substances

                        愛德寶鞋底清潔機特點Characteristic of cleaning machine


                           High degree of cleanliness: reduce the amount of dust and dirt in the workshop to more than 80%;


                        Automatic start and stop: body light sensor control, people to start "human walk stop" Save energy;


                        Water level control: precise upper limit of the water level control, automatic water, no overflow "do not dry clean;


                        Cleaning efficiency: the cleaning area to meet the time to welcome 3 seconds, before and after queuing in order to enter, does not affect the efficiency of passing through the work;


                        Consumables reduction: no longer need to buy all kinds of shoe covers, shoe cover machines, sticky dust mats "do not have to repeat for the sticky dust pad and led to the accumulation of dirty dust, sets are worn and still pollute the workshop upset. Aidebom sole cleaning machine needs 1 kWh of electricity + 3 barrels of water daily, and you also have a clean workshop all day long!


                         Convenient access: facilitate visitor visits, facilitate the inspection of the leader, and no longer have to let the customer or the owner visit and inspect the shoes and shoes cover during work.


                         Easy maintenance: the general clean aunt can do daily maintenance, almost no professional and professional tools to operate;


                         Reducing labor: the reduction of dirty workshops, the reduction of cleaning and maintenance, the reduction of labor intensity of cleaners, the number of cleaning workers, and the number of cleaners;


                        Equipment safety: internal structure, water, electricity installation sub-regional separation + leakage protection:


                        Easy installation: water + plug and play:


                         Durable: timing belt (including steel wire) + DuPont material Velcro / brush + steel wheel / PU molding roller, brush strong pull, wear, not easy to break; roller does not rust, resistant to weak acid Alkali; scrubbing track / hair roller life of one year or more;


                        Sterilization and sterilization to remove oil, sink can be added disinfection / sterilization / degreasing and other weak acid and alkaline chemical reagents;


                        Structural appearance: strong, beautiful, thick stainless steel bracket and shell, bearing weight up to 500KG, with safety barrier (channel guide); enhance the image of the factory customers;


                        Self-cleaning equipment: Aidebom AIDEBOM soles cleaning machine internal self-cleaning water circulation system, but also reduce the daily maintenance;


                        Various specifications: Various specifications are available for purchase, can be customized in non-standard, can be used in conjunction with access gates, air showers, etc., and can be customized as a small trolley wheel cleaner; it has become a standard equipment for many new dust-free work shops ;



                        Cleanliness is high and continues to be maintained. Dust dirty material in the workshop, more than 80% from the sole. Aidebom Aidebom's sole entrance sole cleaning machine solves the problem of dust pollution in the workshop from the source, improves the cleanliness of the workshop area, and improves the ground cleanliness by more than 80%;


                        A high degree of automation. Human body photosensor control; automatic shutdown after cleaning, energy saving; automatic water intake, water level control;


                        Cleaning time is short. The cleaning area can stay for 3 seconds, queued up and down in sequence, and does not affect the efficiency of people passing through or commuting at all.





                         Almost no use of daily supplies. No longer need to buy PE shoe covers or [no more shoe covers and sticky mats! 】

                        Sticky dust with a rubber mat, do not use artificial frequency to update the sticky mat, otherwise, sticky mat reuse, accumulation of dirty dust, aidebom sole cleaning machine, reuse only water; daily work only with water As a consumable; low energy consumption, induction start, no one will stop running, the whole power is only 90W;      


                        Reduce labor hours for cleaners. Get in and out of the water pipe, fully automatic water, sewage, cleaning and maintenance of the workshop entrance is greatly reduced, maintenance time is less, special ground cleaning manual reduction; cleaning machine with a self-cleaning water circulation system, reducing daily maintenance; reduce the daily replacement shoe cover Or dust mat time; afraid of cleaners lazy;


                          Improve customer image. It is convenient for visitors to visit, no need to ask customers to take off their shoes and wear shoe covers, stainless steel shell, exquisite equipment, and enhance the image; it has become a standard equipment for many new dust-free workshops;       


                        Equipment safety. Internal structure of water, electricity sub-area installation and separation, there is leakage protection; the bottom of stainless steel thick bracket, machine load up to 500KG, with security guardrail (channel guide) more secure, can be customized into a small trolley wheel cleaning machine;


                        Easy to install. Plug in and connect with water, just like buying a washing machine!


                        Long service life. Synchronous steel wire + DuPont material Velcro brush + steel synchronous wheel, strong tensile strength, wear resistance, not easy to break, resistant to weak acid and weak alkali, the sink can be added with disinfection reagents; scrub belt / hair roller service life of about one year;                                             


                         Installation flexibility. Can be placed in the air shower / outside, does not affect the use of space; for indoor shoes and outdoor shoes, there are different structural model selection ----- track-type and hair rollers;



                        Suzhou Aidebom Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

                        公司地址:蘇州市吳中區東環南路999 號中博科技園C座

                        Address of Company: Block C, Zhongbo Science and Technology Park, No. 999, East Ring Road South, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City

                        公司網址/Company website:Http://www.holylaser3d.com

                        固定電話/telephone:00852-0512-66504500、66504600    圖文傳真 Fax:00852-0512-65630020


                        全國免長途電話/National long-distance free calls:400-855-4500

                        總經理/General Manager:李久浩先生Mr. Li Jiuhao

                        24小時移動電話 /24hour mobile phone:139-1310-4944

                        公司簡介    Company Profile                   


                        Buddha Shrine: There wasn't a thing, where to get dust!


                        The company specializes in the research and development, design, production and sales of industrial dust removal equipment, industrial electrostatic equipment and other related products. To improve the cleanliness of production, production environment, and production processes for modern industrial production and create a clean production process environment.


                        Aidebom Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2012, has strong strengths. It owns a number of processing factories in Suzhou and Dongguan. It has 1 Dr. from the United States, 10 undergraduates, and 5 or more industry elites with over 10 years of experience in the industry. More than 50 production workers.


                        "To be clean and clean, and to be clean and clean!" is the eternal business pursuit of Aidebom's products and services!







                        【愛】Love, love is sunshine and rain, there is love to have a career, love to have a mission; love customers, love businesses, love ourselves;

                        【德】Morality, lofty moral character will win the world, have something to do, do something wrong, show courtesy and integrity, and stand up for thanksgiving; small wins and wins at wisdom, big wins at winning at morality;

                        【寶】Bao, production is better, service is better, business is better! The best is the one that suit for you! Technological innovation, excellence!

                        With innovation, integrity, and maintain the dignity of products and companies!









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