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The Important Parts Of Our 3D Laser Crystal Glass Inside Engraving Machine
Jun 20, 2018

The Important Parts of our 3D laser crystal / glass inside engraving machine

3D laser crystal laser engraving machine price

 1.This machine can engrave on both 2D and 3D, (depends on your design). 
 2.Fast speed: only about 2 minutes can engrave a 50*50*80mm size crystal. 
 3.Good quality guaranty:

     Laser source parts imported from Germany,    
     Laser Q switch imported from England, 
     Laser transport cable wire imported from France. 
 4. Strong team: Even our Engineers can speak English, strong support for service and training to customers. 
 5. Free maintenance. 
 6. High stability Carving effect delicate:using advanced semiconductor side pumped solid state laser technology. 
 7. Adopt sealed integration design to make sure good beam quality, high stability; fine engraving effect, equipment is good stability, low maintenance. 
 8. Environmental protection, Low noise: no compressor pumps and high power fan, no pollution. 
 9. 24 mothes guarantee for whole machine.


3D laser crystal laser engraving machine price

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