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Product Classification Of Laser Marking Machine
Nov 13, 2017

By laser

Laser marking machine According to different laser can be divided into: CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine. According to the laser visibility is divided into: Ultraviolet laser marking machine (not visible), green laser marking machine (visible laser), infrared laser marking machine (not visible laser),

By wavelength

According to the different laser wavelength can be divided into: deep ultraviolet laser marking machine ($number nm), Green laser marking Machine (532nm), lamp pump YAG laser Marking machine (1064nm), semiconductor side pump YAG laser marking machine, semiconductor end pump YAG laser Marking machine (1064nm), Fiber Laser Marking Machine (1064nm), CO2 Laser marking Machine (10.64um).


Different working principle

★ Lamp Pump YAG Laser marking machine: Using Krypton lamp as an energy source (excitation source), YAG as the medium to produce laser, emit a specific wavelength can cause the work matter production level jump to release the laser, the laser energy amplification will form a laser beam processing.

★co2 Laser Marking machine: The use of CO2 gas filled into the discharge tube as the production of laser media, on the electrode raised voltage, discharge tube produced glow discharge, resulting in the release of the gas molecule laser, the laser energy amplification will form a laser beam processing materials.

★ Semiconductor side pump YAG laser Marking machine: the use of wavelength of 808nm semiconductor laser diode pump YAG medium, so that the medium produced a large number of inversion particles in the role of Q-Switch to form a wavelength of 1064nm laser output, electro-optical conversion efficiency is high.

★ Diode End Pump YAG laser Marking machine: The semiconductor Pump Light (808nm) is pumped directly from the end surface of the laser crystal, and the laser is produced by the output of the optical Mirror Group. Greatly improve the efficiency of the line-light conversion.

★ Fiber Laser Marking machine: Direct output laser from optical fiber.

★ Green Laser Marking machine: Green Laser marking machine is the use of the most advanced international wavelength of 532nm laser pump technology (side pump or end pump) developed.