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Perfect Fusion Of Laser Engraving And Art
Jan 18, 2018

In China now, art is not only limited to traditional art, but now there are many forms of art. However, many kinds of art have been separated from laser carving, no matter traditional art or modern new art.

There are many traditional Chinese art in ancient China, and "paper cutting" is the same. Paper-cut art is rare in the south, but in the north it is necessary for all households to meet. Many families have passed it down as a traditional generation, and some businessmen have developed the art of paper cutting into a commodity for people to buy and sell. And now laser engraving has been widely used in paper cutting.

In some paper-cut paper-cut processors processing plant, 35 workers are tense and orderly busy, more than a dozen paper machine in the hollow laser beam laser and high-speed operation, in a red cloth to back down, a few minutes, dozens of festive folk paper cut Juanxiu work was finished.

Perfect fusion of laser engraving and art

It only takes a few minutes to process a set of paper cutting with paper laser engraving machine, and a machine can work 24 hours without interruption. The time of cutting a set of works is shortened by five or six hours. Hundreds of thousands of paper-cut, if cut by artificial cutting, to use 100 people day and night to work for nearly 3 months to complete. But now with a paper laser hollowing machine, all of this has become different, and a few people can do it in more than a dozen days.

In addition to the traditional technology to be useful to laser engraving, modern art has also made full use of the laser, and the most obvious is the laser cutting.

The first feeling of metal is rigid. And the feeling of art is the kind of aura. Metal and art seem to have no intersection between the two, but there are exceptions. When laser cutting technology is combined with artists' rich creativity, hard steel plates can also transform into soft bodies and wings, just like laser metal cutting Phoenix.

Perfect fusion of laser engraving and art

Laser cutting laser as popular technology accounted for the important position of the comparison of laser cutting technology, in fact, already widely application in sheet metal processing and metal processing in the process, compared with the traditional cutting, laser cutting machine can cut the workpiece quality better, and reduce the number of processes.

Perfect fusion of laser engraving and art

The carving is an ancient art. The general engraving technology is carved from outside, and the desired shape is carved from the outside of the material. But laser can go deep into the hinterland like Sun Wukong. Careful observation of these glass crystal products, not completely around the "open for knife" and, in this regard, laser than Sun Wukong also a monkey into someone's belly when there are gaps do!


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