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Non-metallic Laser Engraving Machine
Apr 03, 2018

As the complexity of cutting engraving technology is strengthened, traditional manual processing and machining are restricted by equipment and technology, the precision of the processed objects is low and the quality of the products is affected to a certain extent, and the economic benefit is more affected.

Based on the high density and maneuverability of laser energy, a new generation of high speed laser cutting engraving machine for XP system has been developed successfully on the basis of many years of production of laser equipment. The equipment has wide processing material, smooth cutting edge, no burr, no polishing, no noise, dust free, fast processing speed, high precision, less waste and high efficiency, which is the best choice for all industries.

Function and product features:

● The imported linear guide and high-speed stepping motor and driver make the cutting effect smooth and wavy.

● The integrated frame structure is adopted to make the machine run stably and without noise.

● The operation is simple, the carving sequence and processing level can be arbitrarily carved, and the output power and speed and focal length of the laser can be adjusted locally or completely.

● Many kinds of vector diagram design software, such as open software interface, compatible Autocad, Coreldraw, Wen Tai carving, Photoshop, etc.

● Equipped with water break protector, better protect the laser, prolong the life of the laser, and choose foot switch to make your operation simpler and faster.

● Exquisite appearance design, super strength steel plate and industrial grade; effectively guarantee the smooth operation and life of the equipment.

● Double guide rail operation, belt drive, honeycomb / bar / plate / lift can be selected.

● Patented technology: unique upper and lower exhaust smoke and dust removal system; blow protection; carving and cutting materials.

It can be processed in bamboo, crystal, horn, paper, plexiglass, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, plastic and other non-metallic materials. Clothing, embroidery, cloth toys, home furnishings, handbags, gloves, toy industry leather, leather cutting and surface carving. Precision cutting of non-metal sheet, such as acrylic board, medium density decorative board and so on in handicraft, model, advertisement, decoration, electrical appliance and plastic industry.


Address: Area B,  Bld. 1-3, NO. E21, Xinke Road , yiwu , zhejiang, China

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