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Laser Engraving Machine For Metal
Apr 03, 2018

Laser collection for years of production and use of experience, with the latest design concept, equipped with advanced laser components at home and abroad, the introduction of a new generation of large format, multi-functional laser processing system, simple operation, convenient maintenance, production safety and protection is more perfect. Its characteristics are:

The open working platform facilitates the placement of processing materials, and works with the assembly line to meet the processing requirements of large format materials. At the same time, with large size honeycomb platform, knife strip platform and local lifting platform, this laser is not only suitable for large field processing industry, such as shoe industry, clothing industry, advertising industry and so on, but also meet the needs of small industries such as model industry, handicraft industry, bamboo products industry and so on. Equipped with automatic focusing, red positioning and other functions, this machine is perfect and its function is applied to the extreme. It really achieves multi-function and multi purpose, and saves time and efficiency. Its light path adopts hybrid light path, which has high utilization of light energy. The optical path is totally closed, and its safety performance is strong. Its control system uses a unique intelligent prediction algorithm and an improved control algorithm to ensure high speed processing, smooth and efficient running speed. The laser energy can be adjusted in real time, and the operation of the customer is greatly reduced. It also has a built-in 128M (up to 1G), which can store 99 files at the same time, supporting the permanent file storage area where the power data is saved. Thirdly, the automatic cutting function of high power cutting is achieved, and the cutting effect is greatly improved. In a word, this machine really has wide functions, such as wide fabric processing, smooth cutting, no flex, automatic closing, no distortion, and graphics can be designed by computer.

Application Industry:

Kitchenware cutting, advertising, large scale truncation, garment proofing, leather industry, shoe industry, decoration, furniture, packaging and printing, model industry, technology and gift industry, etc.


Address: Area B,  Bld. 1-3, NO. E21, Xinke Road , yiwu , zhejiang, China

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