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Laser Cutting Machine To Make The World's Smallest Bottle Opener
Jan 05, 2018

Bottle openers are often used in life as a small tool, but have you ever seen such a "small" bottle opener? A foreign creative company has designed the world's smallest bottle opener. Presumably no bottle opener in the world is more convenient, beautiful and professional than this one. This is known as the world's smallest opener as you can see, even thinner than the key body, with the upper part of the body is extremely convenient, can carry on the key chain, more significant personality than the traditional bottle opener, but will let you see every bottle of wine can not help to open it.


This bottle opener is used in metal materials of titanium 100, cutting machine is a simple and neat appearance with metal laser, the size ratio of a 25 cent coin (not much bigger than even the beer bottle cap is small) by washing and processing, than the traditional bottle opener made more convenient and low cost. You can put it on a key ring, a little effort will pry the cap, when not in use will not end



The highlight of this bottle opener is its small body, which can be carried on a key button and carry it with you. It is more distinctive than the traditional bottle opener. The bottle opener was designed and manufactured to get nearly 35 thousand dollars of public funding, which shows that the bottle opener with personalized originality and custom has a large market.However, the good creativity must not be a good processing equipment, the saint holy laser must be your best choice.


Address:Area B, Bld. 1-3, NO. E21, Xinke Road , yiwu , zhejiang

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