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Laser Cutting And Screen Wall
Nov 25, 2017

Laser cutting gives you an unusual home decoration

With the continuous progress of modern manufacturing technology, the changes brought by high-end manufacturing technology almost all walks of life, and even in the traditional home life, you can also integrate into high-end manufacturing technology, so that home decoration can have more styles. Here we have a taste of laser cutting to the home decoration industry brought about by different impressions.

Laser cutting and screen wall

Laser cutting interesting surface patterns, while allowing different intensity of light into the interior space, fine grain laser cutting lines, so that small light into the heavy fabric, create a beautiful lighting effect, the formation of unique design.

Laser cutting and screen wall

The tropical foliage pattern creates an interesting mirror wall decoration, and uses sophisticated bird and tree designs to create jigsaw effects on sophisticated, sophisticated laser cutting metal.


Address:Area B, Bid. 1-3, NO. E21, Xinke Road , yiwu , zhejiang

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