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Common Problems And Solving Methods Of Laser Engraving Machine
Nov 13, 2017

One. Carving depth

1: The control card is loose or malfunction.

2: Stepper motor failure.

3: Drive failure or current subdivision is inconsistent with software settings.

4:Z shaft Motor line failure.

5: Spindle motor fixture loosening.

6: Frequency converter interference or data set wrong.

7: Electrostatic disturbances.

8: Computer virus or system problem.

Two: Carved

1: Control card failure.

2: Inverter interference.

3: The file path is incorrect.

4: Electrostatic disturbances.

5: There is a problem with the software setup.

6: Drive Failure or current breakdown setting is incorrect.

7: Data cable failure.

8: Computer has virus or system problem.

Three: Carving machine wash bottom uneven.

1: Spindle and Mesa are not perpendicular, need to be corrected.

2: There is a problem with the tool.

3: The control card has the problem or the signal is disturbed.

Four: Engraving machine can not normal back to the mechanical origin.

1: The machine is set back to the original point direction opposite.

2: Control card failure or loosening.

3: Limit switch or data line failure.

4: Drive failure.

5: Step near the motor line fault.

Five: When opening the software, the computer prompts "to open the card failed, please check the card" prompt.

1. Check if the driver of the Board is installed or replace the card with a PCI slot.

2. Reinstall two data connectors to check for broken pins.

3. There is a problem with the board, replace the card.

Six: The opening of software prompts: three-axis alarm, initialization error fourth number.

1. Check the computer and machine two data cable is not connected.

2. Check if the fuse in the control box is burnt and the fuse is changed.