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CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Leather

CO2 laser marking machine for leather Holy Laser Co2 laser marking machine for leather have high reliability, long continuous operation time, clear and complete printing, rich software, able to collect and manufacture carious labels, non-contact processing, ensure original precision in the...

CO2 laser marking machine for leather

 Holy Laser Co2 laser marking machine for leather have high reliability, long continuous operation time, clear and complete printing, rich software, able to collect and manufacture carious labels, non-contact processing, ensure original precision in the surface of work piece as possible, suitable to engrave for many materials, remain long time, installing fast and maintenance conveniently. 


 Our Co2 laser marking machine can mark on all kinds nonmetal materials like wood, glass, plastics, acrylic, bamboos, leather, plywood, paper card and so on. 


 1. Holy Laser’s Non-metal CO2 Laser Marking Machine equips with the most advanced metal CO2 laser tube brand is Coherent,from USA, is the the best CO2 laser source in the world, can be refilled with CO2 gas, no need to change consumables, exempt-maintenance and long life time. The CO2 gas can be used for 20000 working hours in once.
 2. With high-rate of photoelectric conversion and Coherent metal tube, the laser beam mode is very very much better than common china laser source, especially the machine with glass laser tube. And the high accuracy marking effect is what common CO2 laser marker can not achieve.
 3.With multifunctional marking software, the machine can be collocated with ital-controlled rotary accessory, automatic fixture, and production line.


 1. What is the Advantages of Co2 laser marking machine?
 One  year warranty for whole machine.
 Laser source from Coherent, USA. The best CO2 laser source in the world.
 CE, FDA, FCC, SGS approved, machines quality is ensured
 High marking speed, large marking size 300*300mm
 Low power consumption and environmental protection
 Easily operated and maintenance-free. Main part use imported equipment, excellent performance
 2. What is the Advantage of After-Sale Service?
 Training for free.
 Engineer available for machine overseas service.
 All lifetime technology support.
 Professional engineers online 24 hours for you.
 3. What Our Machine Can do for You?
 Friend, our HSCO2 Co2 laser marking machine can mark simple and complex design, logo, photo, personalized name on all kinds nonmetal materials. anything you want mark on surface of nonmetal. your design and ideal will not be any restriction from now on!
 4. Where Our Machine Can be Used?
 our CO2 laser marking machine for leather widely used in leather,food,beverage,cloth, electronic, meter, communication instrument, packing etc industries, can be combine with production line for online marking.

Certification We Provide:
 CE, FCC,SGS, FDA, SGS and if u need other certification, we can do for u.


 Our equipment have exported to Germany,USA, Poland, Portugal, Britain, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Arabic, Russian, Pakistan and so on more than 100 countries and regions, in the market enjoy a high evaluation.

 We accept T/T, Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, E-checking.



 Our CO2 laser marking machine for leather adopts professional wooden box packing, and we have experience in machine packing. 


Technology Parameter:

Model No.


Marking Scope


Response time


Laser wavelength


Output power


Min.line width


Marking speed


Repeat ability precision


Marking depth


Pulse frequency


Gross power



Air cooling&Water cooling

Size for machine




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