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3D Crystal Keychain Inner Laser Engraving Machine

3D Crystal Keychain Inner Laser Engraving Machine

3D laser engraving machine is widely used in the gift shops,souvenir shop,wedding photography,etc.
It is used for the crystal/glass subsurface engraving.
It can engrave both 2D and 3D photo.

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   Zhejiang Holy Laser Technology Co.,Ltd(Stock Code 835890) has worked hard to become the global leader in the manufacturing of laser equipment.Based in Yiwu.The company is a national high-tech enterprise integrating with R&D,manufacturing and selling.

      We are committed to deliver our mission"Base on honesty,and quality stand out" to our customers.At present,the company is mainly engaged in laser series:Fiber laser cutting machine,large format glass engraving machine,3d crystal laser engraving machine,3d printer,Fiber laser marking machine,imported Co2 marking machine,co2 cutting machine,UV laser marking machine,laser sandblasting machine and other product series.

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   3D laser crystal subsurface engraving machine is widely used in tourism, hotel, photographic studio, gallery and advertising and other consumption activities industry, urban scenic spots, photo print shops, wedding photo, tourist souvenir and personalized gift shop and other forms of consumption and temporary activity places. 

    It is really a fine processing machine with advantages of high fidelity and high stability,which is definitely suitable for fine model engraving.


Suitable Materials:crystal, glass, acrylic, decoration materials and other apparent materials.


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Advantages for 3D crystal engraving machine:

1. Both 2D and 3D engraving-3D crystal laser engraving machine can engrave  on both 2D and 3D(depend on your design).

2. Fast speed: only about 2-3 minutes can engrave a 50*50*80mm size crystal. 


3. Strong Team: Even our engineers can speak English,strong support for service and training to customers.

4. Free Maintenance

5. High stability Carving effect delicated: using  advanced semiconductor diode pumped solid state laser technology. 

6. Adopt sealed integration design:  to make sure good beam quality, high stability; fine engraving effect, equipment is good stability, low maintenance. 

7. Environmental protection,Low noise: no compressor pumps and high power fan, no pollution.
8. Warranty: 2 year guarantee for whole machine.


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Supported by the Yiwu City Government.

Cooperated with Zhejiang University,update for technology.

We are the manufacturer,our price are more competitive.

With 15 years history on researching and producing all kinds of laser machine.

Our company welcome Agents all over the world. 

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1. Tools&Spare parts packed in the Tool Box. 

2. We will enclose the"Instruction Book","Operation Manual" and "Training Video"(In English Verson) to you,which is easily understood and handled by the customers.


3. For machine we covered by a Industrial plastic film for waterproof and Moisture-proof; 

Then we filled around with sponge to protect the machine from shaking;

After this we will packged machine inside of aluminum cases, which is with lock on case body and case wheels, easy for move and fix. 



Because machine is too heavy, we more adivce you ship by sea.

If you insist to shipping by air, also no problem.

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1. 2 years warranty for whole machines.

2. All of our machines will be checked strictly  by our quality control department before shipping. 

3. We will send you "Instructions", "Operation Manual" and "Training Video" (in English 

version) to you, which is easily understood and handle by the customer.

4. We will train you online or in our factory if you can come to our factory.

5. Free technical Support for all lifetime and free software updated.

6. Our engineer can make a door-to-door instruction training service.

7. We have own research room,workshop and design team.

8. We are experienced since we have been exporting for 15 years,customers are all over the world.




Technical Parameter(3D Laser Crystal Inside Engraving Machine)

Laser Frequency 3KHZ4KHZ 5KHZ 
Max.Working Area300*400*150mm300*400*150mm300*400*150mm
Max.Working Speed ≤180000dots/min≤240000dots/min≤300000dots/min
Machine Size 700*900*1020mm750*940*1240mm750*940*1240mm
Laser Wavelength 532nm   Semiconductor Diode 
Laser Power3W 
Resolution 800DPI-1200DPI
Pulse Width 7ns
Cooling Air Cooling 
LifespanAbout 25000 working hours 
Operating System Windows XP/7
Software Language English,Russia,Japanese,Portuguese,etc 
Application Material Crystal/Glass/Acrylic
Certificates SGS,FDA,FCC,CE,TUV

2 Years Warranty for Whole Machines 

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