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3D Glass Engraving Machine

3D Glass Engraving Machine

3d Class Engraving Machine Model: HSGP-3KC Description: The 3d Class Engraving Machine can engrave 2D or 3D stereoscopic pattern inside of crystal, glass and other transparent materials. It can engrave 2D/3D portrait, name footprints, trophies, medals, and other personalized gift and souvenirs,...

3d Glass Engraving Machine



 The 3d Glass Engraving Machine can engrave 2D or 3D stereoscopic pattern inside of crystal, glass and other transparent materials. It can engrave 2D/3D portrait, name footprints, trophies, medals, and other personalized gift and souvenirs, and it is also suitable for mass production of 2D/3D animals, plants, buildings, vehicles, ships, aircraft and other models of products and 3D scene display.
 This type of 3D crystal engraving machine use the imported air cooling laser system, so 3D crystal engraving machine not only greatly increased the speed of engraving, but also with small light point, carving out digital images of high profile distinctive characteristic, good stability and easy maintain, Suitable for large shopping malls, tourist resort and the place of big population like that make the personalized portrait production.
 Due to 3D crystal engraving machine's various features and application, it also can be called crystal engraving machine.

 This is our most economic one, widely and definitely recommend for open a photo printing shop, wedding photography shop and personalized gift shop, custom gift shops, craft shops, shop online, can also be used in the place of other consumer sites, temporary activities.


 open your photo from our Make Dots software to edit your 3d designs.

 then open your edited photo from our Engraving software. This software will control machine to engrave your photo inside the crystal or glass automatically.


Main Features:
 1.This machine can engrave on both 2D and 3D, (depends on your design).
 2.Fast speed: only about 2 minutes can engrave a 50*50*80mm size crystal.
 3.Good quality guaranty: Laser source imported from Germany,   
 Laser control switch imported from England,
 Laser transport cable wire imported from France.
 4. Strong team: Even our Engineers can speak English, strong support for service and training to customers.
 5. Free maintenance.
 6. High stability Carving effect delicate:using advanced semiconductor side pumped solid state laser technology.
 7. Adopt sealed integration design to make sure good beam quality, high stability; fine engraving effect, equipment is good stability, low maintenance.
 8. Environmental protection, Low noise: no compressor pumps and high power fan, no pollution.
 9. 2 year guarantee for whole machine.


  • All of our machine will be strict fully checked and tested by our quality control department before shipment.

  • Lifetime technology maintenance in free and spare parts supply.

  • Free training. our engineer can speak English.

  • If you need, our engineer can offer door-to-door service.

  • 24 hours technical supported.

  • We will offer ‘instruction books’,  “Operation Manual” and “Training Video” to you. Which is easily understand.

  • We also will offer online face by face training, from our special software, our engineer can control machine computer and machine to show you step by step.


Samples photo: 





semiconductor diode

Laser wavelength


Laser repetition frequency


Max. Engraving speed


Max. Engrave area


Focus diameter





with high speed scanner+X+Y+Z (5 axis)

Positioning accuracy


Continuous working time

24 hours


Air cooling

Gross power




Power requirement

single phase 220V or 110 V (+/- 10%),50Hz or 60 Hz


self researched software

Working environment

temperature10-28°C, humidity less than70%, non-condensed

Software Language

English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Portugal, etc.



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