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2d 3D Christmas Gift 3d Laser Engraving Machine

2d 3D Christmas Gift 3d Laser Engraving Machine

Christmas gift 3D laser crystal laser engraving machine price Crystal 3D Laser Engraving Machine Zhejiang Holy Laser Technology CO., LTD. Located in YiWu City, Zhejiang PR., China, which is famous as The International Commodity City. Many many foreigners settle down here and open their company...

Christmas gift 3D laser crystal laser engraving machine price Crystal 3D Laser Engraving Machine

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Zhejiang Holy Laser Technology CO., LTD. Located in YiWu City, Zhejiang PR., China, which is famous as The International Commodity City.  Many many foreigners settle down here and open their company here. Our factory is very near to SHANGHAI, HANGZHOU and NINGBO, very convenient transportation. 

We are here warmly waiting for your visiting.


2006, HOLY LASER established.

2011, Settled in the Science and Technology Park of the Government.

2014, Recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Government.

2015, Commend as the New Third Board Listing enterprise by the Government.

2016, Listed on the New Third Board.


Holy Laser selling our machines to all over the world, till now more than 100 coutries, our hot products are: 3d laser crystal engraving machine, Fiber laser metal marking machine, Fiber laser metal cutting machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser makring machine and so on.......... 

With the development of technology we established our own independent laboratory and strong research team for laser. 


Now, we are well known in China in our area. We will still work hard, and we believe CUSTOMER IS THE FIRST, QUALITY IS THE FIRST.



As the National Innovation and High Technology / Software Enterprise, we passed CE, FCC, FDA, SGS, TUV certificates and more than 30 patants for high-tech designs & programs:




Product Description


Our crystal 3D laser engraving machine has reasonable structure, quick speed, high precision, complete function, and simple and convenient operation. It can be continuously working for a long term of 24-hour. 
Engraving 2D/3D images without damage the material surface that can be Permanent preservation.

Widely and definitely recommend for use in urban scenic spots, tourism souvenirs, fine model engraving processing centers, gift shops, craft shops, shop online, can also be used in the place of other consumer sites, temporary activities. Also good to hotels, galleries, photo studio, advertising and other consumer and industry activities. Etc.





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  1. open your photo from our Make Dots software to edit your 3d designs.

  2. Then open your edited photo from our Engraving software.

  3. This software will control machine to engrave your photo inside the crystal or glass automatically.

  4. Can engrave both 2D & 3D photos / designs inside.......

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  1.This machine can engrave on both 2D and 3D, (depends on your design). 

 2.Fast speed: only about 2 minutes can engrave a 50*50*80mm size crystal. 
 3.Good quality guaranty:

     Laser source parts imported from Germany,    
     Laser Q switch imported from England, 
     Laser transport cable wire imported from France. 
 4. Strong team: Even our Engineers can speak English, strong support for service and training to customers. 
 5. Free maintenance. 
 6. High stability Carving effect delicate:using advanced semiconductor side pumped solid state laser technology. 
 7. Adopt sealed integration design to make sure good beam quality, high stability; fine engraving effect, equipment is good stability, low maintenance. 
 8. Environmental protection, Low noise: no compressor pumps and high power fan, no pollution. 
 9. 24 mothes guarantee for whole machine.


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We attend many Exhibitions in China and abroad, like Canton Fair, Fairs in SHANGHAI, or Beijing, and Fairs in German, India, Spain, Mexico, USA, etc.

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Every year many customers from all over the world come visit our factory and testing our machines, and some of them training in our factory. 

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Packaging & Shipping



1. Tools & spare parts packaged in the Tool Box.

2.  We will inclose the 'Instruction Book", "Operation Manual" and "Training Video" (in English 

version) to you, which is easily understood and handle by the customer.

3. For machine we covered by a Industrial plastic film for waterproof and Moisture-proof; 

    Then we filled around with sponge to protect the machine from shaking.

    After this we will packged machine inside of aluminum cases, which is with lock on case body and case wheels, easy for move and fix. 



Because machine is too heavy, we more adivce you shipping by sea.

If you insist to shipping by air, also no problem.

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Terms and Conditions:

1. Payment Term: T/T, L/C, VISA, Western Union, Ali Trade Assurance Payment, etc.

2. 24 monthes Warranty;

3. Delivery Time: 7-10 days;

4. We offer face to face training in our factory;  Also good for training online, and with videos, manual, instruction;

    BTW, training & installation overseas is negotiable.

5. After warranty: Service and Technical support is free, spare parts in cost price.



For more information, pls. contact us and sent us inquiry as bellow, thank you.:


Model No.HSGP-3KC Integrated
PackageTravel suitcase with sponge and waterprof film inside
MOQ1 set

Laser 532nm Semiconductor Diode
Max.engraving area300*400*130mm(L*W*H)
Max.engraving speed points180000 dots/min
LifespanOver 25000 working hours
Laser ModuleDILAS imported from Germany
CoolingAir Cooling
Operating SystemWindowsXP/7
Warranty 2 years (24 monthes)
Suitable materialsGlass, Crystal, Acrylic
CertificationCE, FCC, SGS and etc
Software LanguageChinese, Russian, Portuguese, Japan, Spain, etc.
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