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3D Max Crystal laser Engraving Machine

3D Max Crystal Engraving Machine Product introduce: Model: HSGP-12080, 3D Max Crystal Engraving Machine one of our large format table series ,provides a larger working area than the one in the markets. It achieves high resolution engraving on glass crystal and other materials. Its highest...

2D 3D Max Crystal / Glass Laser Engraving Machine


Product introduce:

Model: HSGP-12080,
 3D Max Crystal Engraving Machine one of our large format table series ,provides a larger working area than the one in the markets. It achieves  high resolution engraving on glass crystal and other materials.  Its highest marking results provides a one-of-a kind solution for your engraving needs.It is capable of accommodating of entire table full of parts at one time for mass production . 

Product features 
 1. Easy to apply: Its large format table, fast speed and engraving processing can be customized.
 2. Achieve a perfect image: Due to its high resolution(up to1500dpi) , it will deliver a perfect image no matter of 2D or 3D photo.
 3. Eco-friendly :  No marking such as ink or powder and no posionous gas or chemical acid to worry about or to dispose.
 4. Long lifetime and low consumption: Since nothing is touching the part, the integrity of the part being engraved is never compromised
 5. Easy to operate: Cost saving and labor saving 

Details of laser engraving machine : 



Product application :

  • Advertising area

  • Building partition decoration area

  • Household appliances area

  • Pictorial art viewing area

  • Industrial glass processing design area, etc.



Machine features:
 1. Adapt to a wide range: processing format, processing speed.
 2. A machine multi-purpose: do deep relief, cutting, drilling, sand and so on.
 3. Glass decorative effect Colorful: the production of large format glass products, three-dimensional can be reflected. Product details up to the photo level.
 4. Environmental protection: the production process does not produce any pollution, no dust, no poison gas, no water resources, no chemical dyes, is the real zero pollution.
 5. Energy: all the large-scale industrial processing equipment, laser engraving technology is a very little energy consumption, power consumption per hour only about 2 degrees.
 6. Low supplies high life: As a non-contact processing equipment, due to contact with the processed products, only the equipment itself in the course of the movement itself produced a small amount of friction, so the overall equipment consumption is very low.
 7. Easy to manage: labor costs are very save, according to the size of processed products, one or two people can manage more than 5 devices.
 8. Easy to operate: large-scale laser engraving machine with air flotation device, can easily move the size of the free size of the glass, while not scratching the glass surface.


Samples show : 


Package details :


Exhibition show:

Certification Center : 


Factory Profile:
 · Supported by the Yiwu City Government
 · Cooperate with the Zhejiang University, update for technology 
 · We are the manufacturer, our price are more competitive.
 · With 18 years history on researching and producing all kind of laser machine
 · Our company welcomes AGENTS all over the world!! 


 · All of our machine will be full-checked and tested by our quality control department before shipment.
 · Lifetime technology maintenance in free and spare parts supply.
 · Free training. our engineer can speak English.
 · If you need, our engineer can offer door-to-door service.
 · 24 hours technical supported.
 · We will offer ‘instruction books’, “Operation Manual” and “Training Video” to you. Which is easily understand.
 · We also will offer online face by face training, from our special software, our engineer can control machine computer and machine to show you step by step.


For more detailed information you can check our web:
If you are interested in our large-format 3d laser engraving machine,plesase send me your kindest inquiry without hesitation. I will reply you as soon as possible.

Technical Specification :



Engraving area


Engraving speed

260000-300000 dots/min.                                      

Dia. for dots


Mass production

large working area can be customized

Laser medium

Laser diode

Laser wave length



Air cooling

Working temperature


Power supply

220V or 110 V (+/- 10%)


Suitable for advertising, building partition  decoration, household appliances, pictorial  art viewing, industrial glass processing  design, etc.


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