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3D Max Crystal Engraving Machine

3D Max Crystal Engraving Machine Product introduce: Model: HSGP-12080, 3D Max Crystal Engraving Machine one of our large format table series ,provides a larger working area than the one in the markets. It achieves high resolution engraving on glass crystal and other materials. Its highest...

3D Max Crystal Engraving Machine


Product introduce:

Model: HSGP-12080,
 3D Max Crystal Engraving Machine one of our large format table series ,provides a larger working area than the one in the markets. It achieves  high resolution engraving on glass crystal and other materials.  Its highest marking results provides a one-of-a kind solution for your engraving needs.It is capable of accommodating of entire table full of parts at one time for mass production . 

Product features 
 1. Easy to apply: Its large format table, fast speed and engraving processing can be customized.
 2. Achieve a perfect image: Due to its high resolution(up to1500dpi) , it will deliver a perfect image no matter of 2D or 3D photo.
 3. Eco-friendly :  No marking such as ink or powder and no posionous gas or chemical acid to worry about or to dispose.
 4. Long lifetime and low consumption: Since nothing is touching the part, the integrity of the part being engraved is never compromised
 5. Easy to operate: Cost saving and labor saving 
Details of laser engraving machine : 



Product application :

  • Advertising

  • Building partition decoration

  • Household appliances

  • Pictorial art viewing

  • Industrial glass processing design  etc.



Machine features:
 1. Adapt to a wide range: processing format, processing speed.
 2. A machine multi-purpose: do deep relief, cutting, drilling, sand and so on.
 3. Glass decorative effect Colorful: the production of large format glass products, three-dimensional can be reflected. Product details up to the photo level.
 4. Environmental protection: the production process does not produce any pollution, no dust, no poison gas, no water resources, no chemical dyes, is the real zero pollution.
 5. Energy: all the large-scale industrial processing equipment, laser engraving technology is a very little energy consumption, power consumption per hour only about 2 degrees.
 6. Low supplies high life: As a non-contact processing equipment, due to contact with the processed products, only the equipment itself in the course of the movement itself produced a small amount of friction, so the overall equipment consumption is very low.
 7. Easy to manage: labor costs are very save, according to the size of processed products, one or two people can manage more than 5 devices.
 8. Easy to operate: large-scale laser engraving machine with air flotation device, can easily move the size of the free size of the glass, while not scratching the glass surface.


Samples show : 


Package details :


Exhibition show:

Certification Center : 


Factory Profile:
 · Supported by the Yiwu City Government
 · Cooperate with the Zhejiang University, update for technology 
 · We are the manufacturer, our price are more competitive.
 · With 14 years history on researching and producing all kind of laser machine
 · Our company welcomes AGENTS all over the world!! 


 · All of our machine will be full-checked and tested by our quality control department before shipment.
 · Lifetime technology maintenance in free and spare parts supply.
 · Free training. our engineer can speak English.
 · If you need, our engineer can offer door-to-door service.
 · 24 hours technical supported.
 · We will offer ‘instruction books’, “Operation Manual” and “Training Video” to you. Which is easily understand.
 · We also will offer online face by face training, from our special software, our engineer can control machine computer and machine to show you step by step.

Contact  information: 


For more detailed information you can check our
If you are interested in our large-format 3d laser engraving machine,plesase send me your kindest inquiry without hesitation.I will reply you as soon as possible.

Technical Specification :



Engraving area


Engraving speed

260000-300000 dots/min.                                      

Dia. for dots


Mass production

large working area can be customized

Laser medium

Laser diode

Laser wave length



Air cooling

Working temperature


Power supply

220V or 110 V (+/- 10%)


Suitable for advertising, building partition  decoration, household appliances, pictorial  art viewing, industrial glass processing  design, etc.


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