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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Nonmetal

CO2 Laser cutting machine for nonmetal I ntroduction of product Our CO2 laser cutting machine for nonmetal, Laser cutting and carving is applied for the wavelength 10.64 um CO2 laser irradiation after focusing in machine’s surfaces, which instantly making the materials melting vaporization...

CO2 Laser cutting machine for nonmetal
 Introduction of product
 Our CO2 laser cutting machine for nonmetal, Laser cutting and carving is applied for the wavelength 10.64 um CO2 laser irradiation after focusing in machine’s surfaces, which instantly making the materials melting vaporization evaporation. The perfect effect of the cutting and carving is controlled by the beam power .movement locus and the speed via the computer. The laser cutting has more advantage than the other cutting machine, which is straight edge cut sewing small, cutting surface smooth, thermal deformation is minimal.


 Widely used in wood board, bamboo board, paper, rubber products, acrylic, leather, cloth and some non-mental materials cutting.

 It is widely used in marble, organic board, glass and crystal and some other materials’ carving. The machine is sculpture speed and precision, being popular with advertising industry, handicraft industry..
 1. 32 bit DSP digital control card, can achieve offline and online control operation. Both Ethernet computer resources and saving comprehensive upgrade again athletic performance.
 2. Electric lift platform, both user-friendly, and for laser focus of accuracy.
 3. Cylinder rotate fixture, make the device object surface broadly applicable.
 4. Imported linear guide rail and highway and stepper motor drives, carving speed and precision.

 Our CO2 Laser cutting machine can cut Materials such as acryl, wood planks (light planks,candlenut wood),bamboo ware, double color board, paper, leather, shell, coconut shell, ox horn, resin animal grease,ABS board, lamp shade, etc. 


Main Features:
 1. X&Y axis with high accuracy square rail, perfect performance.
 2. Only manufacturer adopts square tube framework machine body 40% higher than simple iron sheet structure, never distortion. Prevents machine from quivering and resonance during long time work.
 3. High efficiency tube with stable laser path, life time reaches to 10000 hours.
 4. Red cross point offers highest accuracy position.
 5. Humanized and modern design makes work happy, safe and easy.
 6. Professional motion control card offers continue fast curve cutting together with shortest path selection. Shorten work time

 1. What is the Advantages of CO2 Laser cutting machine ?
 One year warranty for whole machine
 CE, FDA, FCC, SGS approved, machines quality is ensured
 High cutting speed, Low power consumption and environmental protection
 Easily operated and maintenance-free. Main part use imported equipment, excellent performance
 2. What is the Advantage of After-Sale Service?
 Training for free 
 Engineer available for machine overseas
 All lifetime technology support
 Professional engineers online 24 hours for you

Certification We Provide:
 CE, FCC,SGS, FDA, SGS and if u need other certification, we can do for u. 



Our equipment have exported to Germany,USA, Britain, France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, India and so on more than 70 countries and regions, in the market enjoy a high evaluation. 

 We accept T/T, Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, E-checking.




 1. Free training: you can come to our factory for training or our engineer will teach you by controlling your computer on line until you can operate the machine well.

 2. One year warranty for the whole machine with after sale service 24 hours online, any time we see your message will contact asap.

 3. Whole lifetime technical support, give u free software updating.
 4. Free fix for the machine accessories during the warranty time.

 Our Hand held fiber laser marking machine adopts professional wooden box packing, and we have experience in machine packing. 


Technology Parameter:


HS DQ-9060



Laser power(W)

60 W

Laser type

Sealed off co2 laser tube

Cutting speed (mm/s)


Engraving speed (mm/s)


Work scope mm


Cut deepness (mm)visual materials


Positioning accuracy



Water cooling and protection system

Power supply

AC 220V/50HZ±5%

Graphic file format


Matching accessories

Cylinder body rotation fixture, glowing positioning system, constant temperature refrigeration system



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