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Work steps of 3D Printer
Nov 13, 2017

Modeling software by computer modeling, if you have a ready-made model can also, such as animal models, people, or miniature buildings and so on.

Then the SD card or USB flash drive to copy it to 3D printer, printing settings, the printer can print them out, its work structure breakdown diagram is as follows.

The working principle of 3D printer is basically the same as the traditional printer, which consists of control components, mechanical components, print heads, consumables and media, and the printing principle is the same. 3D printer is designed on the computer before printing a complete three-dimensional model, and then print output.

3D Printing and laser molding technology, the use of layered processing, overlay molding to complete the 3D entity printing. Each layer of the printing process is divided into two steps, first in the area of need to spray a layer of special glue, glue droplets itself is very small, and not easy to diffuse. Then spraying a layer of uniform powder, the powder encountered glue will quickly solidify bonding, and no glue area remains loose. In this way a layer of glue in a layer of powder alternately, the solid model will be "printed" molding, after printing, as long as the removal of loose powder can be "planing" the model, and the remaining powder can be recycled.

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