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The importance of laser in the automobile industry
Jan 05, 2018

In recent years, the application of laser technology in automobile industry is increasingly common, with technology in laser marking, cutting, welding, hardening, laser headlights, laser radar are used to position; in all, the upper and lower structure inside and outside decoration, make into the hub. A car, everywhere can be seen the figure of the laser, can say no car or laser.

Application of laser carbody processing

According to the relevant statistics, the developed industrial countries in Europe and America have 50%-70% auto parts to be finished by laser processing. We also make a preliminary study of the application of laser in automobile manufacturing.

1. Laser welding

(1)Laser welding has the following characteristics:

(2)Narrow range of heating (concentration)

(3)The area and position of the action are accurately controlled.

(4)The heat affected zone is small.

(5)Welding deformation is small, no need for post welding orthopedics.

(6)Non - contact processing, without the need for pressure and surface treatment of the workpiece.

(7)It can be used for welding of different kinds of materials.

(8)The welding speed is fast.

(9)No heat effect, no noise, no pollution to the outside world.

The diameter of the laser beam on the surface of the material is 0.2-0.6mm, and the width of the weld is below 2mm. The weld metal of laser welding is rapidly solidified and its grain is finer, and higher strength can be obtained. Laser welding can improve the stiffness of the body by 30%. The laser welding of the top cover and the side circumference, compared with the traditional spot welding process, two rubber sealing strips are less on the roof, which improves the visual effect of the body. The "one millimeter project" on the body precision control (the size accuracy of the vehicle in white is controlled within + 1mm), which is the reality of the laser welding.

Laser welding accelerates the process of replacing the forging parts with the stamping parts. With laser welding, continuous laser welding instead of discrete spot weld can reduce the lap width and some strengthening parts, and can compress the volume of the body structure itself. Thus, the weight of the body can be reduced by 56kg. The application of laser welding has realized the weight reduction and emission reduction, which coincides with the requirements of the environmental protection in the present era.

Laser welding is applied to tailor welding of unequal thickness plate, and the benefit is more remarkable. This technology transforms traditional manufacturing technology into parts, first, stamping and welding. The transformation is as follows: first, welding parts with different thickness to the whole, then stamping forming, reducing the number of components, making rational use of materials and improving the structure and function.

Laser welding can also be applied to cigarette lighter, valve lifter, cylinder gasket, nozzle, spark plug, transmission gear, half shaft, drive shaft, radiator, clutch, engine exhaust pipe, supercharger axle, airbag liner, ABS and so on.


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