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The car has no place and no laser
Jan 05, 2018

1.laser lights make the car more dazzling

The laser headlight is not a too strange, laser are used in many fields of society, while the car design, first proposed by BMW with laser headlights, and used in the BMW I8, now a new generation of BMW 7 series can also be optional, in addition, Audi also launched its expert play light laser headlight.

The laser light has three characteristics, such as small, bright and far away.

Although it looks like a laser light and a LED headlight at present, there is a difference in its connotation. The size of the laser diode is only one percent of the size of LED, which means that the future car lights will have more different shapes.

The luminous efficiency of LED is 100 lumens per watt, while the laser headlights on BMW I8 can reach 170 lumens per watt, so that the laser headlights can either achieve high brightness or consume less energy under the same brightness.

In addition, the radiation distance is two times more than that of LED. But it is worth mentioning that the laser headlight is now mainly used in the headlights, headlight is still LED.

So the effect of such a strong lighting, is it harmful to the human body? The answer is no. Because the laser of a laser headlamp is not directly emitted, it first irradiates a group of reflecting lenses, and then releases a white light after passing through the yellow phosphorus lens, and finally reflects it again after a reflection.

2. laser radar for automobile unmanned driving

Smart cars can't do without ADAS

To achieve the 2016 part of the automatic driving, such as car monitoring system, drivers need to be ready to take over the driving goal is to achieve automatic driving within 30km/h; by 2020, to achieve a high degree of self driving, then do not need to monitor the system, but drivers need to take over the driving within the specified time; by 2025, to complete the automatic driving, do not need to monitor the driver system, do not need to take over the driving.  This is the three step that the continental group has launched from auxiliary driving to autopilot innovation. In fact, it also represents the judgment of most of the foreign parts and components enterprises. The true meaning of the autopilot sensors, safe and reliable vehicle data and complex system architecture, security simulation and regulations all ready. In recent years, there are still many breakthroughs in technology to achieve automatic driving, but more functions of ADAS can be achieved on the car as soon as possible, so that a safer and more intelligent driving can be achieved.


Address:Area B, Bld. 1-3, NO. E21, Xinke Road , yiwu , zhejiang

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