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The advantage of fiber laser marking
Jul 05, 2018

  1. The laser beam of the fiber laser marking machine is of good quality and close to the diffraction limit. TEM00 based transverse mode output, M2 挨 close to 1, the beam divergence angle is 0.24mrad;

  2.  The fiber laser has high pulse repetition frequency, extremely stable output power, and the single pulse energy variation is less than 1%. Even when high-speed laser marking can be completed, the depth and shape of the spot can be accurately controlled.

  3. Fiber lasers can have high power, plug power up to 20%, and electro-optical conversion power up to 70%;

  4. The fiber laser marking machine has strong environmental habits and can be operated normally in a high sensation and high humidity environment.

  5. The fiber laser marking machine laser does not require water-cooling equipment, has a small volume, high power, high reliability, long-term maintenance-free, and saves operating costs. The fiber laser marking machine is generally composed of the following components: Laser secondary light driving power supply. The fiber laser manipulator is used to control the operation of the fiber laser. Together, the microcomputer of the marking machine controls the laser output through it. The galvanometer system is an important part of the fiber laser marking system. The laser moves through the galvanometer and moves out of the specific track on the parts to be marked. The f-q mirror, through which the laser beam is concentrated to the outside of the workpiece.

The galvanometer system operation process of the fiber laser marking machine. There are two high-precision servo motor-driven mirrors inside the galvanometer system. The servo motor is separated from the viewpoint of the two mirrors under the control of the microcomputer. The laser beam is reflected by the two mirrors and is concentrated by the f-q mirror to different orientations of the workpiece. Principle of fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine controls the text and pattern of the required marking in the special marking control software on the microcomputer, sets the size of the text and the pattern, the total marking area, the walking speed of the laser beam and the number of repetitions of the demand. The mirror can be moved under the control of the microcomputer, and the laser beam is manipulated to mark the set text and pattern on the workpiece.

Principle of fiber laser marking machine: Fiber laser marking machine special marking software can identify and collect any messy flat graphic text and QR code and barcode made by digital camera or scanner input, download on the Internet and computer. A variety of symbols, change it into a digital signal, after programming to change into a current control signal and then input to the driver, constitute the corresponding control signal and operate the high-precision servo motor through the D / A card, and then separate from the control of the x direction and Reflecting the galvanometer deflection viewpoint in the y direction,

Principle of the fiber laser marking machine The laser beam gathers the spot according to the set picture, the text track movement, and the surface of the workpiece is etched to form a durable score. The scribe line width can reach 20 micron level, and the fiber laser marking machine software has active image distortion correction function, which can complete the marking of fine pictures.


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