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Part of laser cutting machine
Nov 13, 2017

Laser cutting machine system is generally composed of laser generator, (outside) beam transmission module, Working table (machine tool), microcomputer numerical control cabinet, cooler and computer (hardware and software).

1) Machine tool main part: Laser cutting machine Machine part, realizes X, Y, Z axis movement mechanical part, including the cutting work platform. It is used to place the cut workpiece and can be moved according to the control procedure correctly and accurately, usually driven by the servo motor.

2) Laser Generator: A device for producing a laser light source. For the use of laser cutting, in addition to the use of YAG solid-state lasers in a few occasions, most of them adopt CO2 gas lasers with higher efficiency and higher power output. Because laser cutting beam quality requirements are high, not all lasers can be used for cutting. Gauss mode is suitable for less than 1500W, low order mode carbon dioxide laser 100w-3000w, multimode 3000W above.

3) External light path: Refraction mirror, used to guide the laser direction required. In order to ensure that the beam path does not malfunction, all mirrors should protect the shield and pass into the clean positive pressure protection gas to protect the lens from contamination. A good performance lens will focus a beam without a divergent angle into an infinitely small spot. A lens usually with a 5.0-inch focal length. The 7.5-inch lens is used only for >12mm thick material.

4) CNC System: Control the machine tool to achieve x, Y, Z axis movement, but also control the output power of the laser.

5) Power supply: Connected in the laser, CNC machine tool and power supply system. Mainly to prevent external power network interference.

6) Cutting head: Mainly including cavity, focusing lens, focusing mirror, capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle and other parts. The cutting head driving device is used to drive the cutting head along the z-axis direction according to the program, which is composed of a servo motor and a screw or gear.

7) Console: Used to control the entire cutting device work process.

8) Chiller: For cooling laser generator. Lasers are devices that convert electricity into light energy, such as CO2 gas lasers, where the conversion rate is generally 20%, and the remaining energy is transformed into heat. The cooling water takes away excess heat to keep the laser generator working properly. The chiller also cools the external light path reflector and focus mirror of the machine tool to ensure the stable beam transmission quality, and effectively prevents the lens temperature from being too high and causing deformation or burst.

9) Cylinder: Including laser cutting machine working medium cylinders and auxiliary cylinders, used to supplement the laser shock industrial gas and supply cutting head auxiliary gas.

10)Air compressor, gas storage tank: Provide and store compressed atmosphere.

11)Air Cooling dryer, filter: Used to provide clean dry air to the laser generator and beam path to maintain the normal operation of the access and mirrors.

12)Exhaust Dust machine: extraction processing of dust and dust, and filter treatment, so that exhaust emissions in line with environmental protection standards.

13)Slag discharging machine: Excluding the corner residue and scrap from processing.

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