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Main features of 3D printer
Nov 13, 2017

3D printing brought about a worldwide manufacturing revolution, used to be a part of the design is entirely dependent on the production process can be realized, and the appearance of 3D printer, will subvert this production mentality, which makes the enterprise in the production of components no longer consider the production process problems, any complex shape design can be achieved through 3D printer.

3D printing without machining or tooling, can generate any shape objects directly from computer graphics data, thus greatly shortening the production cycle and increasing productivity. Although it still needs to be perfected, 3D printing technology market potential, is bound to become one of the many breakthroughs in the future manufacturing technology.

3D printing allows people to buy such printers in some electronic products stores, and factories are also selling directly. The use of three-dimensional printers is limited, scientists say, but one day in the future people will be able to print more usable items through a 3D printer.

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