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Laser cutting should be used early in the manufacture of automotive parts.
Jan 05, 2018

3 dimensional cutting machine or robot is required for cutting edge of large cover parts of automobile and laser cutting, such as windshield. The flexible cutting system consisting of a robot + fiber laser is more common.

In recent years, high strength steel has become the main material of light weight industry because of its advantages such as high weight loss potential, high impact absorption energy, high fatigue strength, high formability and low plane anisotropy. After the hot forming of high strength steel, the stamping process is no longer suitable, and its contour and hole cutting have promoted the demand for laser cutting.

Automotive interior parts are mostly non-metallic, because the laser is non - contact, accurate positioning, fast and so on, so it is very suitable for laser cutting. For example, the discarded corner material of the door or door shoulder and the excess part of the rear injection molding part are removed. Using fiber laser cutting nonmetallic cannot, and must be used CO2 laser without optical fiber laser facilities, equipped with the robot must be specially designed, CO2 laser beam light guide device is fully integrated in the robot arm, the robot arm motion to laser beam transmission stability.


Address:Area B, Bld. 1-3, NO. E21, Xinke Road , yiwu , zhejiang

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