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Holy laser cutting plus 3D printing gives you an unusual home decoration
Nov 25, 2017

With the continuous progress of modern manufacturing technology, the changes brought by high-end manufacturing technology almost all walks of life, and even in the traditional home life, you can also integrate into high-end manufacturing technology, so that home decoration can have more styles. Here we have a taste of laser cutting and 3D printing to the home decoration industry brought about by different impressions.

Laser cutting floor

Using laser cutting technology to create interesting floor, cutting the triangle with laser, fine and elegant patterns attached to the textile substrate, so as to create a "semi wood, semi textile" carpet. To create the floor of the flower effect and natural style, the tone is very soft, after mosaic processing, forming 3D surface.

Laser cutting floor

The complex laser cutting process using bright color design playful, silver white metallic luster lattice repeating patterns covered in plain linen base on the comparison, delicate round with satin laser cutting, paper-cut style cushions exhibited bright color contrast, the formation of organic complex surface texture.

Laser cutting and screen wall

Laser cutting interesting surface patterns, while allowing different intensity of light into the interior space, fine grain laser cutting lines, so that small light into the heavy fabric, create a beautiful lighting effect, the formation of unique design.

Laser cutting and screen wall

The tropical foliage pattern creates an interesting mirror wall decoration, and uses sophisticated bird and tree designs to create jigsaw effects on sophisticated, sophisticated laser cutting metal.

Laser cutting lamp

The lamp shade of the changeable desk lamp is two pieces of paper processed by laser cutting technology. We can decide where to hollow out, and where not to move it, so as to create almost limitless shape of light and shadow.

05.png    Laser cutting lampLaser cutting lampLaser cutting lamp

3D bulb shape made of flat wood, bamboo after cutting, seemingly formed shell lampshade; complex cutting felt let fabric lampshade reveal light interaction effect; laser etched cube different light from internal irradiation; metal laser cutting detailed elegant five corners to create complex and accurate personality lampshade.

3D printing furniture

With the reduction of manufacturing costs of FDM 3D printers, the focus of future 3D printing will become rapid manufacturing. 3D printing applications provide the basis for the furniture industry. Through 3D printing, make all kinds of components.

 3D printing furniture 3D printing furniture

The plywood is connected by the component to form different angles, spliced into various furniture, which can be a cabinet or a table.

Laser cutting and 3D printing can make the processing of complex patterns become simple and fast, but also save materials, which can better adapt to the diversity and personalized needs of home decoration in the future.


Address:Area B, Bid. 1-3, NO. E21, Xinke Road , yiwu , zhejiang

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