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function characteristics and application range of CO2 laser marking machine
Nov 13, 2017


1.Using CO2 gas laser tube, beam focusing optical system and high-speed galvanometer scanner, stable performance, long life, maintenance-free.

2.Can be widely used in electronic components, electrical parts, medicine, food, handicrafts, leather products, plastic products and other industries.

3. The machine can also be installed on the assembly line and used in combination.

4. The printing effect and the marking speed can meet the requirements of the modernized large-scale production high speed and high reliability.

The machine's professional marking control software is based on vector graphics marking software system, supporting AutoCAD, Photoshop and other background software, the system function is powerful, easy to master.

In the transistor, chip components, IC, ceramic capacitors, thermistors, such as marking the trademark model, the character is clear and beautiful, will not wear.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine Application scope:

The machine is widely used, can be carved most non-metallic materials: paper, leather, wood, plastic, plexiglass, cloth, acrylic, wood bamboo, rubber, crystal, jade, ceramics, glass and man-made stone and so on.

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