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Development of laser cutting in lamps and lanterns industry
Dec 01, 2017

Only those in martial arts novels appeared in the "standing" of the "sword", now, the laser cutting technology to make the fantasy become a reality, and is widely used in various Home Furnishing design. Whether the water clear metal side cabinets, metal furniture, or hard with soft curves of the tea table, or a metal screen, hollow design small margin a few, with dazzling luster and charm.

The laser cutting technology of laser cutting machine has been applied dripping every, laser cutting technology is not limited to industrial production, daily life everywhere we can see the process of laser cutting technology, let Xiaobian bring you a taste of the laser cutting machine ", which exposed a witness" the scope of application of laser cutting technology - lighting industry.

Laser cutting in lamps and lanterns industry

"Lights" point our colorful life and play an important role in the modern home life. The lamp, called (NorwegianForestLights)  in Norway, is designed by CathrineKullberg, a designer in Norway. Carved pine and animals are carved on the birch surface. The northern European customs are shining before you in the light.

      Laser cutting in lamps and lanterns industry Laser cutting in lamps and lanterns industry

The flash point is the largest metal lotus pendant metal skeleton outline lotus beauty, so the complex structure of the metal skeleton is the use of laser cutting machine cutting and forming a simple fashion, beautiful atmosphere, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind could not stop.

Laser cutting in lamps and lanterns industry

The wall lamp adopts the hollow half curved mirror metal cover with laser cutting, and the irregular hollowed patterns create different space atmosphere under the beautiful lighting mapping.

Laser cutting in lamps and lanterns industry

The highlight of the cylindrical hollowed desk lamp is the complex and delicate hollowed flower pattern. Such a complex process is cut by laser tube cutting machine, which ensures the clarity and precision of the pattern, and also preserves the original shape of the circular tube's outer cover.

Laser cutting in lamps and lanterns industry

As we all know, the main selling points of lamps and lanterns are their appearance and appearance, and the upgrading of their appearance is faster. Therefore, lamps and lanterns can not be stored in large quantities, so it is very important to have a flexible way of processing.


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