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Considerations for using laser marking machines
Nov 13, 2017


Two major prevention of fiber laser marking machine

1. Prevent fiber breakage

The laser system's pump source and the laser head are connected by the optical fiber, the user in the use or in the transport process should ensure that the fiber bending diameter is greater than 300mm. Bending seriously will lead to fiber breaking and laser systems not working properly.

2. Prevent Dust pollution

The fiber access of the power supply and the laser head is not connected with the optical fiber, the protective cover provided with the system must be installed to prevent the external dust from contaminating the internal optical element.

The fiber is in a state that is not connected to the power supply and the laser head. The protection cover provided with the system must be installed to prevent the end surface pollution of the fiber, (if the fiber end surface has adhered to dust, should use the ear-wash ball to blow the fiber end face clean, if the pollution is serious, should use the alcohol and ether mixture of dust-free paper wipe clean). The failure to install the protective cover will cause the internal optical components and optical fiber end to be contaminated, which will result in the entire laser system not working properly and losing warranty.

About avoiding condensation

1. Prevent laser crystal and ld cavity surface condensation

Prohibit laser system to work in high humidity environment, customer should ensure environment humidity is less than 60%. When the temperature difference between laser crystal and ambient temperature is too large (greater than 10 degrees), it may cause laser crystal condensation, and condensation will cause the laser system power to drop or damage. Therefore, when the ambient temperature is much higher than the water tank set temperature (more than 10 degrees), the laser system is strictly prohibited in a single boiling water cooler and the laser head does not work in the state. In this state, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

In the boot, first turn on the chiller, waiting for the refrigerator temperature display below 30 ℃, start the power supply and slowly adjust the current to 10A or so; when the temperature of the refrigerator is displayed at the working temperature (18 ℃ or so), then the current is adjusted to the working current (35A or so).

When the shutdown, the current slow down to about 10A and stop power output, power off, and then shut down the water cooler as soon as possible. If you are not working at the maximum current, you can adjust the refrigerating temperature (but not higher than 25 ℃) of the refrigerating machine. Be sure to use the laser system equipment within the prescribed environment.

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